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Vision & Values

Who We Are


Our vision is to be a church where people discover what God can do in and through our lives as we practice the way of Jesus together.


Our mission is teach, train, and release regular people into the extraordinary work of helping to build God’s Kingdom here and now.


God: We value God above all things. We believe that God is absolutely good, right, just and fair….and that He truly loves people.

Scriptures: We value God’s Word…and that when taken in its entirety, it tells the story of a God who loves His world so much that He died to rescue it.

Prayer: We value prayer; It is the way to sustain, maintain and deepen our walk in God’s Kingdom. Growth comes through a sustained and discipled prayer life.

People: All people are made in God’s image, are loved by God to the death, and therefore capable of extraordinarily good things. We take people seriously and treat them lovingly.


Place: God’s Kingdom comes to us here and now. There is something sacred about where God has placed each of us.

Generosity: We have been given much from God and are therefore generous to Him and others: time, talent and treasure.


Jake and Rachael have been at Hillwood Church since 2014.  Together they have four school children, Clara, Amelia, Henry and Jack. Rachael is also a 1st Grade teacher in the Shoreline schools.

A former high school English teacher and adjunct college writing instructor, Jake left academic life to build a church of people committed to loving and serving God with their whole being.

To contact Jake, click here.

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